Standardising the Future: Offers Funding for Blockchain Experts

18 Mar 2024
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The European Commission's (EC) Standardisation Strategy underpins the continent's competitive edge in a world of rapid technological change. This strategy, built on five key pillars, is actively pursued through groundbreaking projects across various sectors like ICT, blockchain, education, and telecommunications. Trust-IT Services & COMMpla are proud to play an instrumental role in these initiatives, fostering innovation, safety, and interoperability to solidify the EU's position in the global market.

One such project is, a pioneering initiative offering funding opportunities for Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) experts.

Aligning with European Priorities: The Importance of Standardisation

Standardisation in Blockchain/DLT is critical for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures interoperability. Standardised Blockchain systems can work together seamlessly, eliminating compatibility issues and fostering a more unified ecosystem. Secondly, it strengthens security. Robust security standards are essential for building trust and ensuring the protection of users and their data. Finally, standardisation enables scalability. Effective standards allow Blockchain to adapt and handle increasing demands as adoption grows.

Benefits of Participating in

In addition to financial support (up to €10,000), participating in offers several benefits for Blockchain/DLT standardisation specialists. Experts will have the opportunity to directly contribute to shaping the future of this technology in Europe by influencing policy and driving innovation that aligns with the EC's strategic priorities. Their expertise will also be crucial in defining how Blockchain is used and developed across the continent, ensuring European interests are well-represented in global standardisation efforts. allows specialists to focus on their core competency – advancing Blockchain standardisation – by covering the associated costs of their work. Furthermore, the initiative fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange by connecting participants with a network of leading experts in the Blockchain field.

The second call for proposals for funding is currently open, but time is limited! Applications close on March 21st, 2024. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future of Blockchain standardisation in Europe. welcomes applications from Blockchain/DLT standardisation experts with a proven track record of experience. Additionally, applicants must be residents of an EU member state or an associated country (you can find the latest list of eligible countries on the website).

There are three categories of funded activities:

  • Long-Term Contributions (Up to 6 Months): Play a key role in shaping the future of Blockchain standards. Participate in working groups, technical committees, and other crucial activities that define the technical specifications and best practices for Blockchain technology.
  • Short-Term Contributions (Up to 3 Months): Contribute to the development of clear and effective standards documentation. This could involve activities such as providing comments on draft standards, participating in standards development meetings, and contributing to the overall refinement of standardisation processes.
  • One-Shot Contributions (Up to 2 Months): Attend workshops or industry events that support standardisation efforts. Share your knowledge, learn from others, and contribute to the wider conversation surrounding Blockchain standardisation.

Application Process and Timeline

The second call for proposals for funding is currently open, but time is limited! Applications close on March 21st, 2024. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future of Blockchain standardisation in Europe.

Visit the website for more information and to apply. The YouTube channel features a video showcasing the breakdown of the first selection round

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Our role

Trust-IT serves as the Project Coordinator for, overseeing project activities and managing the development of the web platform for Support and Engagement Procedures.
Additionally, Trust-IT oversees the project's Outreach and Dissemination strategy, developing’s website and brand identity; organising tailored events, engaging multiple stakeholders, developing synergies and fostering collaboration with other blockchain initiatives for European and international coordination.

By leveraging project assets,’s primary goal is a broad standardisation effort in the blockchain/DLT domain, promoting European values and creating a lasting impact for this initiative.

Visit the website for more information and to apply.

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Publication date: 18 Mar 2024

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Gabriela Rogowska

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist