Brief description

The gynaecologist Dr Barbara Del Bravo through her digital presence - website and social networks - periodically informs, updates and keeps continuous contact with her patients.
She is also a consultant in obstetrics and sexology, and she obtained the accreditations in colposcopy and cervical and vaginal pathology with the SICPCV Society. She is member of AOGOI and ESC societies, and she covered the role of Regional Secretary -Tuscany – of AGITE association from 2010 to 2015, when she entered the national board.

Jan 2013
Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
Web-based Solutions

Our role

We created the website for the gynaecological studio of Dr. Barbara Del Bravo in Pisa.
The web portal is not just a point of contact for the studio, but it is also an information point, regularly publishing updated and verified content on the main topics surrounding the intimate life of women, such as gynaecology, women health, sexuality, maternity and contraception.

The website is split into thematic areas where new contents are uploaded each month, along with news and research studies coming from the most recent scientific publications.

We also manage the social media page -in tandem with Dr. Del Bravo- and we define and implement the communication plan for Studio Barbara Del Bravo, thus increasing its digital presence and retention of both clients and website visitors.
Our all-round service extends beyond the structure and the content of the website, as managing the newsletter and providing support in participation to medical conferences also play an important role in reaching the communication goals.


The Dr. Del Bravo website has become a trustworthy source of information, also raising the knowledge in terms of health and public support from the ISS (Istituto Superiore della Sanità Italiana).

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