Impact of AI, Big Data and Robotics on CO2 reduction - 3 Days Workshop

29 Mar 2023

Adra-e is inviting all actors involved in the AI, Data and Robotics communities to a 3-day online event taking place from 29th to 31st March 2023. The overarching theme of the 3-day event is:

"How the combination of AI, Big Data and Robotics can accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030, to achieve the objective of climate neutrality in Europe in 2050?"

Each of the 3 days will revolve around a specific area:

  • Day 1: Manufacturing, Energy Production & Distribution
  • Day 2: Transport Ways & Hubs
  • Day 3: City & Country

Each day will include lectures from industry and start-ups, panel discussions, and workshops where participants will be able to present their needs, discuss challenges, and propose recommendations that can directly steer the future of digital transformation in Europe.

The event is open to all actors involved in AI, Data and Robotics communities including research organisations, associations linked to ADR technologies, developers and domain experts, Governments & Policy Makers, citizens and civil society.

Depending on your interest, please attend the day that most closely aligns with your interests, however, you are very welcome to attend more than one day or even all three.

To know more about the event and registration, visit the Adra-e website.

Our role

Trust-IT is the task leader of Communication, dissemination & exploitation of ADRA-e and leading the activities on outreach. Trust-IT is in charge of defining the event overview, setting up registration and managing it, overseeing technical coordination and promoting the event through a multitude of web and social media channels. Moreover, we are supporting the event, taking care of the recording, and giving everyone the possibility to rewatch the event or watch the highlights.

Join us in a collaborative dialogue with leading European players in the fields of AI, Big Data, and Robotics to tackle major challenges with a special focus on the reduction of CO2 emissions and the transformative power of ADR technologies. Let's work together towards a sustainable future.

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Publication date: 28 Mar 2023

Article by

Julie Abergas-Arteza

Marketing Analyst