Join TREX Workshop: Gain Insight into Strongly Correlated Materials

18 Apr 2023

TREX Centre of Excellence and the Lodz University of Technology are organising a workshop on Quantum-Chemical Methods for Strongly Correlated Systems from 18-20 April 2023 in Łódź, Poland.

TREX is the targeted Center of Excellence for the community of quantum chemistry funded by the European Commission.  It aims to develop and apply high-performance software solutions for quantum mechanical simulations at the exascale via efficient and portable QMC libraries, and to feed a stronger QMC community of users.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from academia and industry to share their latest findings and discuss recent developments in quantum-chemical methods for strongly correlated systems. Strong correlation effects pose a major challenge in many areas of chemistry and materials science, and the workshop will provide an in-depth exploration of the latest developments in electronic structure methods for strongly correlated systems.

The event will feature talks and presentations by renowned scientists in the field, as well as interactive discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the chance to learn from our team of expert speakers and tutors who will provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the subject through a combination of lectures and tutorials, paying special attention to high performance computing.

For more information on the workshop, including registration details and the full list of speakers, visit the TREX website.

Our role

Trust-IT is in charge of the activities of communication and dissemination of TREX and leading the activities on outreach. Trust-IT is moderating this webinar and fully organised, getting in contact with the speakers, promoting the event in an omnichannel way, and collecting information and material that could be helpful to disseminate and promote the event with relevant organisations and related projects. We also provide IT support during the event and give everyone the possibility to rewatch the event or watch the highlight.

In TREX, Trust-IT is also assisting with the organisation of two upcoming workshops in June and July.

TREX structured training and educational activities cover different facets, from technical support to the end-users of the TREX software, hands-on training for code users from academia and industry, and hands-on workshops to forge a new generation of code developers.


Visit the TREX website to register for our upcoming workshops.

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Publication date: 13 Apr 2023

Article by

Julie Abergas-Arteza

Marketing Analyst