INSTAR project takes off – Shaping international standards for advanced technologies

01 Feb 2024

With technology making progress in leaps and bounds, the need for international standards to govern emerging technologies (AI, Cybersecurity, e-identity, quantum, 5G, 6G, data, IoT and more) has never been more pressing, as being a standard-setter in global ICT standardisation is key to achieving economic growth and digital sovereignty. Enter the INSTAR project, an EU-funded initiative spanning over 30 months, that aims to align on a common vision for ICT standardisation of key technologies with like-minded countries. Coordinated by BluSpecs and involving a consortium of 10 partners, the project kicked off in January 2024 in Brussels, Belgium, and Trust-IT is proud to be involved in shaping the future of technological innovation and international ICT standardisation. 

What is INSTAR? 

INSTAR is an initiative that aims to bring the European angle of standardisation at the international level by collaborating with like-minded countries (Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, USA) in the definitionof international standards in key emerging technologies. The project will set up joint committees of ICT standards experts around key emerging technologies to create a standardisation roadmap, which will serve as invaluable guides, laying the groundwork for the adoption of uniform standards around the world. 

The project also aims to harmonise standards at the international level between and within SDOs to foster cross-domain product compliance without impeding fair trade and cooperation. This harmonisation not only enhances cross-domain and cross-product interoperability but also streamlines production processes and strengthens supply chain management.

Our role

Within INSTAR, Trust-IT plays a leading role in the Dissemination and Exploitation, by leveraging its extensive experience and expertise in communication, outreach, event organisation and coordination, community building and stakeholder engagement tailored to ICT standardisation to disseminate project updates, outcomes and impact. Trust-IT's expertise in communication, community building and event coordination adds a valuable dimension to the project.

The successful management of other EC-funded projects such as,, and proves Trust-IT’s ability to engage with the ICT standardisation community effectively and maximise the project’s impact on the standardisation landscape. 

In INSTAR, Trust-IT leads various tasks, including the creation of a stakeholder engagement strategy and of a moderated discussion forum for Joint Committees, and the development of INSTAR’s digital presence and outreach strategy. These efforts aim to maximise community participation, increase awareness about INSTAR within the ICT standardisation community, and ensure the project's lasting impact.

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Publication date: 01 Feb 2024

Article by

Sara Bozzi

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist