Scholarships Available for Researchers Working on Digital Research Infrastructures

19 Aug 2019

GARR - the Italian national research and education network, has launched a new edition of its Orio Carlini Scholarships that will benefit 10 young researchers that want to specialize in applying innovative technologies for the development of digital infrastructures and services.

Trust-IT Services has a close working relationship with GARR on projects that aim to empower researchers through initiatives that continually build and improve digital infrastructures for research. Trust-IT supports GARR's advocacy in ensuring the adequate supply of future talent in ICT for European research.

Along with the opportunity to develop their own research project, GARR scholarships provide a springboard for training and experience-building across the Italian and European research community.

In fact, some GARR scholarship beneficiaries have taken part in the prestigious annual TNC international conference, earned experience by collaborating in European projects, and have been showcased during the "Borsisti Day" (Scholars' Days), and annual GARR events.

The deadline for the application is Thursday 31 October 2019 at 12:00.

Learn more in the GARR website (in Italian).