The - Legacy & Road Ahead to 2023

23 Apr 2020 ended its activities in February 2020. This Pilot Project Initiative started back in January 2018, as a first of its kind in the field of ICT Standardisation: a continuous Cascade Funding flow spread across 8 different Open Calls, very close together to effectively support endeavors of European ICT Standards experts actively contributing to International ICT standards efforts.

In 26 months, gained a crescent visibility culminating to be recognised as a widely acknowledged brand as well as an invaluable financial mechanism to enable specialists to further develop ICT Standards-related activities. Besides, this process resulted in a flurry of an internal community of ICT Specialists (accounting, to date, of over 700 individual experts many renowned in their ICT standards field), a consolidated synergy with hundreds of Standard Developing Organisations, SMEs, National Standards Bodies, EU Standards associations and similar Standards-driven projects coming together coupled with the implementation of an interactive Watch to carefully monitor the ICT international Standards landscape.

At the end of this rewarding journey, we decided to sum up the most significant Best Practices & Lessons Learned in this Booklet, especially focused on three main aspects to be enhanced in the coming follow-up of the project:

  • Community Engagement
  • Considerations on the Standards Watch
  • Measures to improve the Open Call process

What you will find in the following pages is a truthful and first hand analysis and approach from a number of our experts, to whom we are extremely grateful to, for having provided us with their views on:

  1. How they supported EU policies, regulations (such as GDPR), ethical and European values or ICT standardisation strategies in their standardisation activity &
  2. What would have happened had they not received financial support through

You can find here the Digital version of the Booklet to get an understanding on how supported experts to push further European engagement in ICT standards efforts and turn them into concrete future priorities in the coming years.






Publication date: 23 Apr 2020