Trust-IT Srl Becomes a Member of the EOSC Association – Reinforcing its Commitment to Open Science Initiatives

Trust-IT Srl Becomes a Member of the EOSC Association – Reinforcing its Commitment to Open Science Initiatives

02 Jan 2024

Trust-IT Services srl, a dynamic Italian SME specialising in outreach, communication, and dissemination in the field of Open Science research and ICT, has officially become a member of the EOSC Association.

Trust-IT Services srl, has been a key player in the EOSC landscape since its inception. The company is known for its expertise in developing innovative digital solutions and providing comprehensive stakeholder engagement plans, outreach and quality ICT market research.

The announcement comes following the submission of an Expression of Interest (EoI) by Trust-IT Srl, outlining its extensive skill set within the EOSC environment and its central assets that align with the goals of the EOSC Association.

About Trust-IT

Trust-IT is a highly-skilled, international team of over 40 professionals that has established itself as a result-oriented SME with specific expertise in the creation and execution of effective stakeholder engagement plans, outreach strategies and quality ICT market research to support impact creation from innovative Open Science initiatives.

Trust-IT and EOSC

Trust-IT has been actively involved in EOSC since its inception through various H2020 projects, including EOSCPilot, EOSC-Hub, EOSC-Enhance, and Over the past six years, Trust-IT has also played a prominent role in several key EOSC activities:

  • Leadership Role in EOSC High-Level Expert Group: Silvana Muscella, CEO of Trust-IT Srl, chaired the second EOSC High-Level Expert Group (2017-2018), resulting in the publication of the "Prompting an EOSC in Practice" report.
  • Significant Role in the Project: Trust-IT played a crucial role in the project, managing communication, dissemination and stakeholders' engagement strategies.
  • Coordination of Trust-IT coordinates, one of the EOSC thematic cloud projects, showcasing its leadership in open science data federation mechanisms.
  • Ongoing Support for the EOSC-A: Trust-IT has been supporting the EOSC-A in website development, social media management, tailored content creation and event organisation.
  • Customised TRUST-GRANTS™ Platform: Trust-IT is set to implement the TRUST-GRANTS™ platform in the Research Infrastructures EOSC-based project OSCARS. 

With a history of dedicated involvement and impactful contributions to the EOSC ecosystem, as a member of the EOSC Association, Trust-IT will continue to play a pivotal role in advancing Open Science initiatives and fostering collaboration within the EOSC community.

Publication date: 02 Jan 2024

Article by

Luigi Colucci

Marketing Analyst