Trust the Numbers: Why Trust-IT and COMMpla Empower Women in Science and Technology

11 Feb 2024

Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Trust-IT & COMMpla, with a woman at a helm, boasts a 43% female workforce, and recognise the power of inclusivity. Our commitment to gender equality, driven by a comprehensive gender equality plan, fuels advancements in science and technology. Silvana Muscella, CEO & founder of Trust-IT Services, in her video message, embodies company's unwavering commitment to gender equality. This statistic embodies Trust-IT’s commitment to fostering an environment where women not only find their place but thrive as this figure surpasses the European average of women working in ICT which stands at 19%.


Beyond Our Walls

However, despite the strides we've taken, the global data reveals a sobering reality. Globally, only 28.8% of researchers and 33% of the STEM workforce are women (UNESCO Science Report 2023, World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2023). Even within the EU, where women make up 41.3% of employed scientists and engineers, this number plummets to a mere 16.7% in the crucial field of ICT (Eurostat).

At Trust-IT and COMMpla, we refuse to be passive bystanders in the face of these disparities. Our commitment to empowering women in tech extends beyond our company walls. We actively promote initiatives that nurture female talent across the industry, both internally and within the projects we participate in. Look below at a few inititives we work on. Elevating Women in ICT Standards project organises a series of webinars that feature and empower women in ICT standards. We have been working on this for two years now and have seen an increase in female participation to our open calls by 20%. Mark your calendars for the upcoming edition on March 7th, co-organised by,, and

Get engaged Advocates for Gender Equality in Semiconductors

The campaign, a CSA DEP project which Trust-IT is the technical coordinator, tackles gender imbalance in the semiconductor industry head-on. A compelling video and insightful interviews featuring prominent women leaders raise awareness and inspire change. Watch the video to hear their powerful voices!


Numbers speak volumes

Unfortunately, the underrepresentation of women is not only limited to the semiconductor industry. Across various STEM fields, the data paints a concerning picture.

Just 22% of AI researchers are female. Less than 25% of the robotics workforce identifies as female. Men’s participation in standardisation is twice as high as women’s. Less than 6% of developers and investors in the blockchain are women. The figures are particularly low in various engineering fields: electrical engineering (13% female), computer engineering (20% female), and telecommunications engineering (24% female). Even in software engineering, a seemingly more "gender-neutral" field, women only hold 28% of roles globally (See also: UN Innovation and technological change and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls and UNESCO Science Report).

These statistics are a stark reminder of the work that needs to be done. While initiatives like and are making strides in specific areas, systemic change is crucial. By supporting these projects, advocating for change within our own circles, and actively promoting initiatives that empower women in STEM, we can dismantle the barriers that hold them back.

A very fabric of innovation

A diverse tech sector, brimming with different perspectives, fosters groundbreaking solutions that benefit all. It's the key to ensuring responsible tech development, as it reflects the complexities and needs of the real world. Finally, a broader talent pool translates to a more resilient and adaptable industry, capable of weathering any storm.

Our role

Trust-IT & COMMpla is committed to ensuring a culture that enables equal opportunities for women and men within our organisation and actively promotes women's empowerment in its projects.

We invite you to join us in advocating for a more equitable tech landscape. Explore the initiatives mentioned above and join us for the webinar on March 7th.

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Publication date: 11 Feb 2024

Article by

Gabriela Rogowska

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist