The 8th edition of the “SME Brochure” offers a variety of updates alongside compelling success stories that underscore the outstanding capabilities of our member organisations, highlighting the diverse skills, expertise, and accomplishments of the SME Working Group members across various fields, celebrating their contributions and achievements within the industry. In this context, Trust-IT, Trust-IT's contributions include vertical engagement mapping, pre-standardization gap analyses, and the creation of online platforms such as the Verticals Cartography and Standards Tracker. These efforts are aimed at mapping and monitoring key accomplishments of R&I projects under the 5GPPP initiative, including the mapping of over 250 use cases across Europe for a comprehensive analysis of 5GPPP's use cases and vertical engagement. Trust-IT's involvement has also been instrumental in drafting whitepapers with analyses and policy recommendations for the European Commission, underlining its commitment to advancing the 5G/6G domain through in-depth analyses and strategic communication and dissemination efforts.

Thursday, February 8, 2024 SNS ICE; SNS OPS; 6GStart Booklets & Catalogues 5G/6G Success Story - Trust-IT Services