Common Dissemination Booster Service 5 - Dissemination Campaign ManagementService 5 - Dissemination Campaign in Pratice
Hands-on support on delivering your dissemination campaigns.

Make sure you make the best of your portfolio dissemination plan and run it effectively!
Get valuable professional support for delivering effectively your joint dissemination campaigns: the CDB will accompany your CDB Project Group across an extended periodgiving specific assistance for your joint dissemination campaigns.

Pre-requisites: Portfolio dissemination plan & tools, dissemination skills (or output from CDB Service 3, and CDB Service4).

STEP 1 - Creation of Content Rich Messages
Get practical expert feedback on your dissemination activities. Get help to improve your dissemination skills onthe-field. Worried about Intellectual Property, Copyrighting and legal issues?
The CDB will set up a 4-hour legal consultancy session to clarify all those scary aspects.

STEP 2 - Impact Analysis
Constantly improve your joint dissemination strategy and gain the most out of your Project Group’s collaboration. The CDB will analyse your data to monitor the impact of dissemination in progress and guide you along the way.

STEP 3 - Dissemination Plan Revision
Get your take-away: a tailored portfolio dissemination plan, impact analysis, report of initial results and corrective actions leading to joint sustainability beyond the projects’ timeframe.

Common Dissemination Booster Service 5 - Dissemination Campaign Management


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