Brief description

eScienceDataFactory specialises in data management, offering services that systematically organise, document and interconnect data in line with the principles of Data Management 2.0. The company facilitates the extraction of value from data and expedites progress in both data and AI projects.

As a third-party provider, eScienceDataFactory delivers consulting, training, and support services, complemented by tailored products to meet the specific needs of organisations. Actively involved in R&D, the company contributes to evolving data management practices and participates in international working groups.

Sep 2023 to Sep 2024 Ongoing
Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

Our role

Trust-IT’s support to will revolve around 4 macro-activities:

  1. Showcasing and optimising its visibility on the web and social media,
  2. Revising the branding and graphical material,
  3. Producing multimedia content for communication and marketing purposes,
  4. Engaging stakeholders, with a particular focus on the research community, synergies with stakeholders, eventual clients and end-users at large.

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