Brief description

The 48-month EU-funded “NGI platform for coordinated EU-US Open Calls for networking, research, and innovation” project (NGI TRANSOCEANIC) will launch three 18-month open calls for technology development, demonstrators and standards contributions for next-generation internet topics worth €3.2 million, and contribute to the expansion of the EU-USA Twinning Lab through the involvement of new key players across EU and the USA.

The overall mission of the Next Generation Internet initiative is to re-imagine and re-engineer the Internet for the third millennium and beyond. NGI TRANSOCEANIC will encapsulate the EU - USA element of this global vision by bringing together the NGI communities of the EU and USA. It builds upon the successful project, [Jan 2020-February 2023], where a strong and consolidated EU & USA ecosystem has been created with 35 funded projects on NGI topics.

Through the seamless and transparent infrastructure developed and set up to run their open call projects, the project addresses a wide range of NGI topics as specified in the call text spanning across advanced technology developments, joint demonstrators, and joint contributions to global standards for trust and privacy enhancing technologies, data sharing and portability, sustainable and climate-friendly internet, electronic identities, internet architecture renovation, and decentralised technologies.

Jan 2024 to Dec 2027 Ongoing
Next Generation Internet

Our role

Trust-IT is the EU - USA community engagement, outreach and dissemination work package leader and also leads the activities on the public website and Twinning Platform, communications and dissemination tools, grant platform, digital processes, and calls management, proposal applications and selection management, showcasing project outcomes portfolio, and contribution to standards and lasting legacy. Specifically, Trust-IT will deliver the website and Twinning Lab, the NGI Showcase Catalogue and contribute significantly to the Open Calls which are at the heart of the project.

Plan for dissemination, exploitation and communication

The unique nature of the NGI projects such as NGI TRANSOCEANIC requires a concerted effort with other players in the NGI ecosystem as well as across the Atlantic. The communication, outreach and dissemination activities will be centred around four campaigns that specifically include communications activities that directly contribute to project priority areas.

A multi-channel approach that includes the production of promotional kits for the project and the open calls, online and on-site events organisation, presence at third-party events, videos, web content production and direct email marketing will ensure that all communications activities directly contribute to the success of the project. 

Development, hosting and maintenance of a public website

We will develop a UX and SEO-optimised public website which includes a Twinning Lab and our Grants Platform tool that will be the convergence point for the communication and dissemination strategy. The website will be the main platform that our community will use to gain detailed information and insights on the project's activities and results and more importantly, directly participate in the project activities through the Open Calls and twinning/matchmaking activities. 

Development of dissemination material and activities

To disseminate the project's activities and results, we will organise and execute various activities:

  • Creation of the project's recognisable branding (PowerPoint template, Virtual call background, Twitter cards, Logo creation, etc)
  • Creation of informative roll-up banners, flyers and posters
  • Institutional videos production
  • Video interviews 
  • Webinars and impact events
  • Social media community management and engagement
  • Press release and news articles creation and distribution
  • Newsletter creation and management

Community Building

Building on Trust-IT’s legacy in the European next-generation internet community, it will continue to enrich its community of relevant contacts and potential contributors with members spanning not only Europe but also in the United States.

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The project has received funding from the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no.10134993.