Brief description

The HYPER-AI project revolutionises distributed computing, merging IoT, Edge, and Cloud technologies to create smart computing nodes for superior data processing. By using self-organising swarms, it ensures dynamic cooperation across diverse resources, enhancing efficiency and performance. This innovative approach envisions a new computing era, making ecosystems more adaptable and efficient for demanding sectors like healthcare and energy, and advancing digital tech for sustainable goals. 

Apr 2024 to Mar 2027 Ongoing
Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, Data

Our role

Within HYPER-AI, Trust-IT leverages its extensive experience in communication, dissemination, event organisation and coordination, community building and stakeholder engagement, and exploitation.
In HYPER-AI, Trust-IT takes the lead of the:

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy creation: Trust-IT will leverage its extensive experience in community building and stakeholder engagement to create a customised stakeholder engagement strategy for HYPER-AI.
  • Creation of digital assets: Creation of digital assets, such as the HYPER-AI branding, Social Media cover images, photos of events, webinars, publications, news pieces, fact sheets, post-event report, event video coverage as well as video production and more. 
  • Website launch and update: Website development, launch and ongoing improvement, by implementing a user-friendly interface (UI) and user experience (UX). 
  • Outreach strategy: Trust-IT will coordinate and implement outreach activities. The aim is to boost community participation in project activities and foster the uptake of its results through tailored activities, including newsletters, social media management, news articles, and more. 
  • In-person, hybrid and online event organisation, coordination and management: Trust-IT will organise a series of online webinars and workshops to showcase the projects activities and results with live participants engagement, live social media coverage, event video recording, speakers interview and post-event report creation.
  • Exploitation: Trust-IT will develop a roadmap for the long-term sustainability of the project's results and knowledge gained, and ensure that we are fully exploiting the project's technologies and outcomes. The plan will encompass identifying assets (individual or joint) that can be capitalised on, defining their value proposition, and mapping out key characteristics and stakeholders associated with each asset.


  • Focusing on the open science, code, and architecture HYPER-AI will foster enhanced openness and strategic autonomy, simplifying the management of ICT infrastructure in the IoT/edge/cloud continuum. This streamlined approach not only bolsters European supply chain competitiveness but also aligns with the continent's strategic objectives.
  • Addressing crucial technological domains within the IoT/edge/cloud continuum, HYPER-AI sets the stage for industrial cooperation, establishing a European group to advance IoT and cyber-physical ecosystems. Through innovative solutions showcased across vertical industries such as manufacturing, energy, automotive, agriculture, and healthcare, the consortium drives collaborative efforts towards technological advancement and economic growth.
  • HYPER-AI's commitment to open architectures facilitates access to the global data economy, enabling European standards for utilising intelligence derived from the IoT/edge/cloud continuum. By aligning with EU goals to counter the dominance of non-EU players in the cloud market, HYPER-AI accelerates technology adoption, paving the way for improved European leadership in the global arena.
  • Through efficient utilisation of data across economic sectors and reduction of reliance on central entities, HYPER-AI maximises social and economic benefits, focusing on business problems rather than technical complexities. By enabling decentralised data handling and computation, the consortium contributes to addressing urgent societal challenges, enhancing security, privacy, and sustainability.


  • HYPER-AI will deliver a range of transformative outcomes, from enhancing accessibility and efficiency through diverse smart services to improving quality of life in critical sectors like health, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, urban development, logistics, and infrastructure. Additionally, it aims to establish robust legal and ethical guidelines safeguarding individual rights and privacy.
  • In alignment with EU policies on sustainability, socio-economic development, and technology, HYPER-AI supports key strategies such as the Digital Single Market and Europe 2020, thereby reinforcing Europe's global leadership in innovation.
  • HYPER-AI's provision of agile, secure architectural frameworks fosters continuous growth and revenue generation across sectors. By promoting a data-driven mindset, it enhances EU market competitiveness globally. Additionally, through empowering SMEs, start-ups, and academia, it stimulates innovation and economic expansion.

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HYPER-AI has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) under grant agreement no. 101135982