Brief description

Montebelli Agriturismo and Country Hotel is located in the beautiful Maremma land within the Tuscany region. Montebelli offers the original Agriturismo and the more modern Country Hotel, all situated within the farm and all sharing common grounds and facilities: tennis, outdoor pool, biking, trekking, health club and free Wifi connection.

Nov 2012 to Mar 2017
Digital Marketing & Communication
Web-based Solutions

Our role

We designed the new layout and website for Montebelli, reflecting the Country House’s love for nature, care and respect for people. The new online Guest Book allowed Montebelli team to collect testimonials and feedback from their customers directly online. The website was integrated with Montebelli Social Media Presence, with the final aim to increase and engage with the online community. The last challenge we supported is the Montebelli Online Shop where the family can now sell its wines & oil all over the world.
We supported the launch of the new ecommerce with a dedicated online marketing & communication strategy.

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