Brief description 2023 aims at providing financial support (with an overall available budget of 3 million euro) to European ICT Standards specialists operating in the most topical technological domains, as identified by the European Commission as pivotal for the transition to a greener and more digitised economy and inclusive society.

The project, through the activity of the EUOS (European Obsercatory on Standardisation) will monitor the global ICT Standardisation landscape,to provide to the community of ICT experts the most accurate coverage of relevant and timely ICT Standards, priorities and needs that might affect the key ICT domains.

Sep 2020 to Aug 2023 Ongoing
ICT Standards & SW Excellence

Our role

Trust-IT is Project Coordinator and in charge of the activities of communication and dissemination.

The main objective of Trust-IT’s work on the Communication’s side is to extensively promote the opportunities offered by the Open Calls across a wide range of Stakeholders, primarily through the entire community of researchers and ICT Standards specialists in Europe, in order to strengthen the engagement of EU-based specialists in the worldwide Standardisation ecosystem, by leveraging an overarching plethora of marketing channels to provide a thorough coverage and dissemination both in digital and traditional contexts and settings.


In its first year of activities, the StandICT2023 project has achieved the following results:

  • 2500+ LinkedIn community members
  • 700+ Twitter followers
  • 600+ subscribers to the newsletter
  • 380+ attendees to 5 webinars
  • 30+ Graphics & Visual Collaterals (flyers, banners, headers)
  • 15+ Press Releases
  • 9+ Newsletters

Among the other activities that led to the above results, Trust-IT has played a crucial role in the graphical and editorial work for:

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The 2023 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 - Research and Innovation programme - under grant agreement no. 951972.